Reviews Memoir of a Fire Chief

“People of substance who have character accept blame and give credit when it’s due.”


A well done, interesting and exciting story of a firefighter’s growth and advancement. I applaud it and suggest that our first responders take a look at it between alarms­ – Chief Sparr is a man of action and accomplishment.”

Dennis Smith
Best-selling author of Report from Engine Co. 82

Humorous and educational with evocative stories for any reader. A must read roadmap for planning or examining one’s life.  Words of wisdom for subordinates, supervisors, and managers. An important primer for anyone assuming a leadership position.”

Arlette Steinberger
Human Resources Manager, ret.

“An interesting read
full of personal and professional wisdom with a good touch of humor. Successful leaders are not born, they are made. In Fire Chief Jim Sparr’s memoir, he repeatedly reveals the secret of his success more than anything else. He is a reflective person and that enabled him to learn from every experience whether it was in his words, “good, bad, or ugly.” For Jim Sparr that has made all the difference.”

Samuel J. Yeager, PhD
Professor of Public Administration
Wichita State University